How to Write a Killer Book Report |

How to Write a Killer Book Report |

If your teacher has not specified a specific format, consider moving your work to the next level with the MLA format. The Modern Language Association style is the standard format for English classes in high school and college. If you are interested in doing so, check out the basic MLA rules..

Mention everything you do not like about the book

Instead of simply saying, “Prose evoked memories,” tell your readers by providing a true passage that reflects it. The same goes for the negative – don’t just tell readers you think the character is incredible, share a certain (non-destructive) scene to prove it. If you review a book on your personal blog and use your rating system, be sure to explain it as well. The writing was rough, with a particularly difficult dialogue, but I thought the plot was excellent. Never be afraid to challenge a guess, approach or argument.

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You can and should point out flaws or failures, but do not criticize the book for not being what it was never meant to be. Then show the arguments that support your thesis. A series of questions follow to focus your thought as you dive deeper into your current job…

While the questions are specific to book reviews, you can easily transfer them to analysis of speeches, exhibits, and other reviews. Do not feel compelled to answer every question; some of them will be more important than others for the book in question. Develop a rough plan. By the time you finish reading the book, you have written down some possible topics or approaches to your goal. Review your notes and look for points that can be supported by good examples. Look for topics. As you read, you should begin to see the topic that is emerging…

However, be sure to give specific examples to carefully substantiate your claims. Review the book in front of you, not the book you want to write by the author.

In a notepad, write down some notes on how you came up with the topic. Keep consumables handy when reading. It is very important. Keep notes, pen, and handy paper as you read. If you are reading an e-book, make sure you know how to use the markup feature in your application / program. Remember the purpose. This is the main point you want to make, or the question you plan to answer in your report. Subscribe to our newsletters full of updates, activities, support and fun ideas to inspire kids to read.

Extend the thesis statement – reformulate it, but add a sentence about what makes it important. For example: “Writing an anti-racist book in deeply racist times, Mark Twain simultaneously recorded his experience and linked it to ours.” Summarize the main points – Summarize the main points of your main argument by sticking to only a few short and concise sentences. Think of your conclusion as the last minutes of a lesson; wrap it up so everyone can dine.