Working at Ultius, Inc.

Working at Ultius, Inc..

“This is a great company” provides an online marketplace for document preparation services. The company connects people with qualified freelance writers..

I will tell you that he is just as incompetent as the “academic writers” on this site. is a relatively new article writing service where all articles are written by college students. Despite the large number of services they offer, Ultius prices can hardly be called low and affordable for ordinary people.. students. The lack of free features and discounts makes customers wonder if Ultius is worth using at all. Maybe they will take into account all their weaknesses and improve their performance in the future, but now has many disadvantages compared to competitors in the market…

A writer’s earnings look good until they realize that it is worth writing an acceptable 9 page article $ 85. Many employees are discouraged from being friends with other employees, especially contract workers..

With an army of writers available, our mission is to deliver content efficiently and appropriately, while providing tremendous support. With an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau, Ultius only works with US authors and does not outsource its content services. Contractors are treated like matches. Quality assurance editors do not follow the rules and are slow in communication. Clients are rude and expect staff to read their mind. Editors are overwhelmed and taken for granted whether they are good or completely unsuitable for the job. Contract writers work very, very little or make minimal effort, leaving the cleaning for the most diligent writers..

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The worst academic writing service I have ever purchased, to be honest. Everything kind of complaining about prices, but what about customer support?

It was great to build relationships with the same editor as different projects go from draft to final. Sure, your experience may be different, but I was lucky to find an excellent editor through Ultius and will continue to use their services to review my work. Thank you for taking the time to leave us your comments. We would like to sincerely apologize for any dissatisfaction with your recent order. Importers it is important to provide high quality content, so if we do not, we will try to fix it as much as possible. These reviews are extremely valuable to us and help us provide quality work to our clients as the company grows…

We hope to hear from you and hope to fix the situation for you. Ultius has a customer rating of 4.29 stars out of 459 ratings, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Customers are more satisfied with Ultius celebrate customer service, quality work and full time. Ultius ranks 3rd among the pages of academic editing. The writing quality at Ultius Inc. is average, I mean what can you expect from students? Other companies offer the services of professional writers at least.

Buy essays WhatsApp reviews best writing services forums help stuart homework ryerson essay help. The best service for editing personal extracts of a medical school we buy, we buy a review of a science book for homework. Biology homework 2 will help you write a book review. is a trusted provider of content solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals worldwide. Ultius offers content writing services for a wide variety of usage cases and uses a customizable online order fulfillment platform..

The company fires people when they make a lot of noise about politics or make a lot of money. There really good people work there, just business eats souls and everyone hates what they do.

Hello, thanks for this review. Sorry you are extremely negative about the company and you misunderstood the use of the platform. Ultius is a company that offers a platform that connects international clients and qualified American writers. There seems to be a big one misunderstanding about the intended use of the platform and your understanding of it. However, we are pleased that you brought this to our attention so that we can take action on our part to correct any misunderstandings in the future. Thanks again for sharing your perspective. I hated working for this company.